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Individual Funeral & Direct Cremation Membership Plans

Available in USA & Latin America

We offer a comprehensive plan designed to alleviate the emotional stress and manage the financial aspects of funeral services. Our approach includes emotional, logistical, and financial support to families during their time of loss.

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Seniors Discussing Insurance

About Us

Legacy Funeral Planning is acknowledged as one of the leading experts in the funeral industry, boasting over 90 years of industry experience. We deliver global solutions via a robust and widespread international network. As your premier partner, we specialize in Funeral and Cremation Services, earning the trust of top associations and corporations worldwide.

Membership Package

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Urn for Ashes

Funeral & Cremation Plan

$39.99 Per Month

Sequoia Funeral Concierge Included (funeral service in the US & Latin America)

What's Included?
  • Legal procedures & formalities

  • Body Retrieval (home, morgue, or hospital)

  • Transfer to Funeral Home

  • Embalming

  • Casket (basic)

  • Urn for ashes (basic)

  • Viewing room (up to 4 hours)

  • Religious Service

  • Hearse

  • Transfer to cemetery* or crematorium

  • Cremation Services Including Viewing

  • Emotional support & grief mgmt

  • Digital Obituary

  • Guest Book

  (*) Cemetery Plot NOT included


Diana Gonzalez

"My mother left two months ago and highlighted the support and accompaniment they gave me, thank you for not leaving me alone, for being attentive, for following up and still asking how we are doing? Excellent recommended company"
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